Invitation to join “SSS of the Soul to fight Human Trafficking”

“Human Trafficking is a crime against humanity,
a disgrace to our society which calls itself civilized.”
– Pope Francis

Human Trafficking is modern-day slavery. It forces victims into prostitution, involuntary servitude, unpaid labor, debt bondage and the illicit sale and harvesting of organs, as well as forces victims to perform sexual acts for pornography. Global Slavery Index of 2013 reveals that 140,000-160,000 Filipinos have been reduced to slavery, and 60,000–100,000 children are sexually exploited. Most vulnerable are women and children, and those who are poor, ignorant and desperate enough to take risk to feed their families. As such, our Holy Father, Pope Francis has put it in the global spotlight.

In response, the National Secretariat for Social Action of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP-NASSA) has been involved in the newly-formed Philippine Interfaith Movement Against Trafficking (PIMAHT) which is a coalition of 3 major Church “Councils” – National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP), the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), and our very own Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) – as a united Church response to protect human dignity by stopping Human Trafficking.

As part of NASSA’s effort in raising awareness on Human Trafficking, we would like to invite you and your Member Schools/ Social Action or community outreach areas and ministries/ students/ parish youth ministries and other network to support and join the “Sounds, Strokes and Scribbles of the Soul to Fight Human Trafficking” organized by the Philippine Inter-faith Movement Against Human Trafficking (PIMAHT) of which NASSA is a member under the CBCP/ Catholic co-partnership, and supported by the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT), the official agency in charge of the issue of responding to the issue of trafficking.

Under the theme of “Human Trafficking Wakasan, Dangal Ipaglaban, Kamulatan Kailangan!” there will be an Essay Writing Contest (the “Scribbles”) and Poster Making Contest (the “Strokes”) and a culminating Choral Festival (the “Sounds”) on 6 December 2014. Topic of the Contests is: “My Battle Against Human Trafficking” or “Laban ko Laban sa Human Trafficking.” Details, as well as Entry Form are in the attachments.

Through this activity, we wish to widen the awareness on the issue of Human Trafficking and involve more youth in helping to prevent and become ready to involve themselves in fighting the violation to human dignity in their schools and neighborhood.

Please help in inviting all youth aged 13 or above for the Essay-writing Contest; and 12-18 year olds (including out-of-school youth) for the Poster-Making Contest. Interested youth can send their essays to <> (with subject: Scribbles of the Soul) and/ or send poster entries by hand/ LBC the poster to CBCP-NASSA (470 Gen Luna St., Intramuros) on or before 15 November 2014. We also invite all who are near Manila, to join the Culminating Choral Festival on 6 December in Paranaque.

The Poster Making Contest has 2 Orientation on Human Trafficking for those interested in knowing more about the issue and get inspiration on essay and poster drawing. As the first Orientation was held last Friday, 17 October (Strokes of the Soul to fight Human Trafficking QC), we strongly encourage you to send participants to the next one which will be on Monday, 27 October 2014, at OZ AVR, Adamson University (San Marcelino Street, Manila) at 1:00-5:00pm, to have a basic understanding of the issue before joining the contests.

Limited number of drawing materials (Illustration Board and Oil Pastel) are available for those interested in joining the orientation and pre-informed us of their interest to join the poster contest right after the Orientation on 17 and 27 October 2014 (priority for those who are unable to purchase on their own, and on first-come-first-serve basis).

Please pre-register your students/ youth members and network’s participation with <> (with subject: participation in Human Trafficking Orientation and Poster Making Contest) and indicate if they are joining the poster contest for adequate preparation.

We would appreciate if you can also spread the word and information about SSS of the Soul to fight Human Trafficking, to your colleagues, network, Church, Ministries, BECs schools, etc, even if they are far from Manila, in case they also wish to join the contests and the Choral Fest.

Other questions and queries may be directed to our Program Coordinators, Linda Noche or Edil Guyano at CBCP-NASSA (02-527 4147 or email <>).

Thank you for your kind attention and thanks in advance for your participation.

Yours in Christ,
National Director



Invitation to Human Trafficking Orientation Poster Essay Contest


Poster and Essay Contests information

SSS Entry Form (2)

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