AK40 40 4-d-4 Project Tally Board


The AK40 40 4-d-4 (for the Poor) Tally Board

40 4d4 tarp reduced


Thank you for sharing your time, treasure and talent!


Donors of Twenty Thousand

Diocese of Tagbilaran (First Diocesan-Donor)

donors of 20K








Donors of Five Thousand

Mr. and Mrs. Julian and Marcela Samson (first Family-Donor)

donors of 5000








Donors of Two Thousand

Ms Cynthia Correa (first staff-donor)

donors of 2000









Summary tally Board (as of 10 December 2014):

tally donors




Last 39 weeks (27,000)

39/40 (27000/4000000)

as of 10 December 2014


Please help fill the gaps with your faces!

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